Gout diet Menu

In your gout diet menu some of the foods that should be avoided are: viscera of veal, of cow and chicken, sausages, pork, sardines, anchovies, seafood, asparagus, spinach, truffle, peas, green beans, and white beans, lettuce, lentils, water-cress.

Among some of the foods that you could use in your gout diet menu, low purines ones,  we could mention: rice, tapioca, artichokes, pumpkin, beet, corn, flour, bread, cereals, pasta, beet, onions, eggs, (no more than three a week), sugar and its derivatives, coffee, tea and low fat dairy.

The sharp attacks of this disease are mainly related with food consumption, obesity, drinks intake, and excessive physical  exercise; so having a healthy meal plan with moderate intake of proteins, high complex carbohydrates and a lots of fluids, are just the overall approach to take into account in the preparation of your gout diet menus, especially if you are in the middle of a crisis or are prone to one.

These are only a few considerations regardless to the uric acid diet or gout diet; in the other hand, here are a couple of simple meal plans you could follow, one for the acute stage of the disease, and another for the recovery stage.

Acute Stage Gout Diet Menu:


  •  A glass of semi-skimmed milk with sugar and cocoa.
  •   2 slices of bread with vegetable margarine.
  •  1-2 kiwis.

Mid morning

  • A handful of nuts. A natural fruit juice.


  • Gazpacho with croutons.
  • vegetable lasagna with grated cheese.
  • 2 or 3 apricots.


  • 3 or 4 bread sticks.
  • 2 nonfat strings of cheese.


  •  vegetables rice soup.
  •  french tortilla with seasoned fresh tomatoes.
  •  1 non-fat yogurt.

Recuperation Stage Gout Diet Menu:


  •  A glass of semi-skimmed milk with sugar cocoa.
  • A slice of oily bread, tomato and cheese semi .

Mid morning

  • A peach.


  • Potatoes and vegetables fresh salad.
  •  Grilled sole with vegetables.
  • A piece of watermelon.


  • A nonfat yogurt.


  • Cold cream of pumpkin.
  • Noodles wok.
  • vegetables and chicken breast.
  • 2-3 plums.

The meal plan have to be of course, low in purine rich foods with moderate proteins intake, an include the consumption of vegetables and fruits, but also high in complex carbohydrates, to energize you. Nutritional balance is important to keep a healthy weight, a very important factor in the gout development. This will give an overall idea of your nutritional pattern, but always remember to make food variations and drink plenty of fluids.

You could eat lean meat of beef or chicken, especially baked, grilled or charbroiled, but in moderate quantities, avoid eating meat everyday and more often include low fat dairy, eggs, potatoes, whole grain cereals, pasta, sugar, honey, and certain vegetables in your gout diet menu.

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